Our Educational Programs


At Short Stuff & Co. Inc. we believe that infants learn through natural curiosity and readiness to repeat actions that have an interesting effect. Infants enrolled in our program will use their whole bodies to explore and learn, manipulate objects to see how they work and begin to develop a strong vocabulary. On a daily basis, we make sure that infants have opportunities to make discoveries in the classroom and outdoors. Our babies enjoy classrooms made for exploring with teachers who support both today’s big milestones and tomorrow’s leaps toward the future.

Age 6 Weeks – 18 months
Weekly Tuition Rate $300


Our toddler curriculum meets children where they are developmentally with activities that build confidence and excitement about learning at every age and stage. Toddlers are extremely active and we firmly believe it is important to keep them actively learning. Our strong belief in the formation of trusting bonds between toddlers and their teachers helps with individual growth and development. We use a curriculum called Buttercups which we purchase through Funshine Express. The curriculum is an interactive program for toddler aged children that focuses on gross and fine motor skills, music, language, art, cognitive and sensory experiences.

Age 2 Years
Weekly Tuition Rate $280


We consider a child’s day best when it is centered on learning and fun. It is recognized that the best learning atmosphere is as secure and comfy as your child’s home. Our program, taught by a degreed teacher, is designed to inspire children to explore and progress at their own pace. The children are encouraged to play, discover and explore their environment. Preschoolers are naturally inquisitive and take pride in doing things independently and love to be praised for it! Throughout the day our children will be exposed to language arts, literacy, math, science, gross/fine motor development and social/emotional development.

Age 3 Years
Weekly Tuition Rate $270

Pre Kindergarten /Kindergarten

We believe that environment is the key to creating a joyful place for childhood and we put a great deal of thought into creating these places. Our children are educated by staff members who are dual certified in early childhood and elementary education. They encourage the children to think critically, explore new ideas and build on language, art and social skills that they will need to succeed.

Here at Short Stuff our children follow a detailed curriculum that will cover the alphabet, writing, sight words, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, seasons and much more. In Pre-K/Kindergarten your child will have many opportunities to learn these subjects through crafts, literature, enrichment activities and many hands on learning activities.

The staff at Short Stuff understands that as a Pre-K/Kindergarten student your child has times of unlimited energy, curiosity and exuberance. Our curriculum has been developed to provide your child with lots of worthwhile learning activities designed to generate enthusiasm and encourage creativity and self-expression.

More than anything we want to prepare our children for the future that awaits them.

Age 4 – 5 Years
Weekly Tuition Rate $270
Half Day Kindergarten $220